Learning to Live Part 1

Hey y'all! I wanted to share the first part of a short story I wrote called Learning to Live. Enjoy!

What a beautiful thing is a blank sheet of paper. What a possible thing. This is what Anna thought, the morning of the day she learned to live. It was a Sunday. Other people, Anna reflected, would be going to church. Anna was a disinterested agnostic. God seemed like something that happened to other people. Although today, He felt more possible than usual. If He was real, Anna wondered if this was how creation felt, a yellow pencil above a blank white sheet. The pencil tip, soft graphite, fell to the page. In sweeping lines, it wrote, “To Do”. “1. Algebra “2. Laundry “3. Book Club book” Anna sighed. Possibilities, lost. A blank sheet of paper is so disappointing once it’s marked. She often felt stuck in the frustrated rigmaroles of life. There were many things she wanted to do, but they never seemed to actually happen. Anna longed for a life that was not an equation. That was the beautiful …

The Faults of Mr. Rochester

Hey, guys! I thought I posted last week but apparently, I didn't click the little

It is Valentine's week, so I thought I'd talk about one of literature's most famous couples. That is, everything I dislike about Mr. Rochester.
To be clear, I like Mr. Rochester! I really do! But he has all the problems. And honestly not just keeping his crazy wife in the attic. As you can tell, there will be Jane Eyre spoilers so if you haven't read it, a) don't read this, and b) what is wrong with your life, oh wait, I can tell you, you haven't read Jane Eyre. So go read it.
First, HE IS HORRIBLE TO JANE. What, you say? When was that? Oh, I don't know, trying to win her over by making her jealous and breaking her heart of freaking gold.
And Jane doesn't get mad at him. Of course. But that doesn't mean that it wasn't a totally jerky move! (BTW, it is so very convenient that "well Blanche just wanted my money and she was about to end it anyway…

Books That Would Make Fabulous Movies

Ugh. Movie adaptations of books. You know-- like The Giver. Or Where the Red Fern Grows. Or *shudders* Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

Before people get mad at me, I did not hate any of those! They were mostly pretty good, just not my favorite. (Also I'm realizing that I saw WTRFG four years ago, so...) And while I COULD rant about all the problems of the Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief movie (which was somehow better the second time I watched it, when it was in German with English subtitles), I am developing a positive mindset and so shall instead talk about movies that would make great movies. If done right.

Which they probably wouldn't be.

But come on! We have the 6-hour Pride and Prejudice! The 1995 Sense and Sensibility! Clueless!
And hopefully, a few that aren't Jane Austen, but who knows.

1. Heartless by Marissa Meyer

This movie would be SO. FREAKING. GOOD. I cannot tell you enough why this would be great. One, it's full of interesting settings. Two…

8 Reasons to Be Excited for Ocean's 8

Dear Imaginers. Dear, dear Imaginers. I have revealed many things about myself to you. You know I like churros (that is if you were there for Post #1 which I actually hope no one was because man my original posts = awfulness). You know I got to see Les Mis. You know I have a dog.

What you may not know about is my deep and abiding love for the Ocean's 11 trilogy.

I know, I know, I am fully aware of its many faults. But can I help it?

Possibly. But I won't, and so I am DYING OF EXCITEDNESS for an all-female spinoff coming out this June! Ack! Yes!

(Grammarly has just informed me that "excitedness" is not a word. Whatever, Grammarly. Your emails all go straight to Spam anyway.)

Ocean's 8 promises to be marvelous. Don't believe me? Here's the trailer:

I just watched it for the fourth time. So. Excited.
Need more? Here's eight reasons to be excited.
1. The Cast!
Sandra Bullock. Anne Hathaway. Helena Bonham Carter. James Corden. Need I say more?
2. It's …

Raven Cycle Book Tag! (You're Welcome!)

Hello, Imaginers! I am thieving the Raven Cycle Book Tag from the frabjous Cait @ Paper Fury. Don't worry if you haven't read the series-- the questions do use info from the books, but the answers don't. By the way, all the questions will be in shades of blue because one Blue Sargent and two Aglionby.

Also I just want to note that I adore this series to the moon and forever so.

1. In the books, Maura is the relaxed mom that is Blue’s friend more than an actual mother. Who is your favorite mom character?

Right out of the gate, Mrs. Weasley is amazing. (I actually took a ridiculously thorough Harry Potter character test and it told me I was Mrs. Weasley. Then I took it again years later and got the same thing!) But my answer might have to be Topaz from I Capture the Castle. Topaz isn't anyone's biological mother, but she's a really good surrogate/friend. I believe she's described as two thirds sensible and one third fluff, which is a great description. And one…


Wow, guys... what an honor. My hundred and twelfth post!

I can't believe this is happening. I almost celebrated at 56, but I decided to wait for the big eleven-two. 112! Gosh!


So this post is my hundred and twelfth published, but my hundred and seventeenth total.

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Thank you guys. For sticking around until the really big post number, for reading, for existing, and also for appreciating the Oxford Comma as I know you must.

112. I just can't believe it.

Funny Story...

Welcome back for my first post of 2018!
I hope you all had a lovely holiday season. I certainly did, which is why I missed last week. In fact, I was traveling, but really, I was blogging without ever opening Blogger.
How? You ask, shocked.
Well, I will tell you. I was accumulating short stories, funny or interesting things that happened to me, Ilse, and now I shall share them.
You're welcome.
1. Snapshot of a Pastry Shop