Snape. Snape. Severus Snape.

I have very, very mixed feelings about Severus Snape.  I'm curious about his home life. The books hint that his parents fought and he didn't have a solid family. I think, for him, Hogwarts must have been an escape, and his negative experiences with his Muggle father and Petunia Evans could have been a building block for his later decision to become a Death Eater. It may have been anti-Muggle feeling that originally drew him to Lily.  Ah, yes, Lily Evans Potter--that crux of all cruxes. I am about to state what I assume is a fairly unpopular opinion: he did not truly love Lily, and the feelings he felt for her were pitiful, not admirable. I think he was obsessed with Lily, but he could not love her in a sustainable and mutually beneficial way. Had she returned his feelings, their relationship could never last. I read somewhere that James and Lily's patronuses complemented each other, showing that they were soulmates, rather than Snape's mere copy of hers, showing obsessio…

Back from the Grave (yr welcome)

So. As all of you probably know, I have been posting like never, then trying to start again, and then failing. However, I really wan to blog more, and a key difference is that now I actually have some posts lined up! So you'll be seeing me around hopefully. I'm trying to make Thursday post day, but we'll see. I have one about Snape (thanks to a cousin who wanted to know how I feel about him) already written and I'm working on another Harry Potter one. For now, I'll leave you with a short poem I wrote while flying across the United States:
My Country, From 32,000 Feet I'm sitting in an airplane.  I'm at 32,011 feet.  Watching at the window, I view my country from my seat. 
The mountains soar and fill me With a yearning-heart delight.  The deserts, dry and dusty,  Are marvels in my sight. 
The rivers, wide and tumbling, Have carved a steadfast road.  The foundations of mighty cities  Proudly bear their loads. 
The woods, lush and extensive The lakes, so blue, so wide All of …


I have been a terrible blogger.

Honestly, I hardly ever post anymore. BUT! I want to change that.

Today I'm taking about Sappho. She was an ancient poetess. There's a lot of stuff about Sappho I'm not getting into. I'm not talking about the different possibilities of her life, different bad stuff she may or may not have done. I just want to talk about reading a book of poems with half the words missing.

The thing about Sappho is that we have very little of her work. There have been papyruses discovered, quotations used, and that's pretty much it. Here's one of her poems:

"[                                                 ]
[              ] that labor [                 ]
[              ] a face to remember in wonder [
[                           ]

[                  ] to sing [                     ]
[                       ] a storm wind [              ]
[                         ] and no pain [                 ]

[                         ] I urge [        …

A Word Game

I have invented a fabulous new word game. Ish. Here are the rules:

Each clue will yield a two-word answer that is seemingly contradictory. The catch? The second word will have a double meaning, thus making the answer possibly true rather than utterly false.

For an example, I will use one of the worse ones:

Her old enemy's insulting barbs were a balm to the wounds of confusion.

Answer: Medicinal poison.

Comment your answers and I will post the answers and your scores soon!

1. The innocuous witnesses provided evidence that brought the criminal to justice.

2. The aficionado had no hints to go on.

3. The tennis players despised each other, which may have distracted them; both of them ended up with a score of 0.

4. She told the hungry man that they couldn't eat the food with cautious tact.

5. The assistant was of no service at all.

Bonus Question:
The protagonist of Gammage Cup was a true witch.


Hello, Imaginers! No, I'm not dead. Yes, I am aware that since school started my posting has been... erratic.

And now that it's summer, that has continued. But to be fair, I have been traveling, and after that I did have guests.

You miiight notice that this is my hundredth post. (I've said that before, but I didn't realize that the Blogger count included drafts.)

I'm not going to promise to post more regularly, but I have stuff in "real life" and also habits of procrastination to deal with. But I will try.

The problem is, I have absolutely no idea what to post.

So see you later.

What's in a name?

What's in a name? What's in the violent epitaphs of youth, the gentle, complacent gravestones of the old? What's in the frozen title of a now-dead king, the famous pseudonym of a golden pen? Why do we exalt words, just scratches on deadened wood, to the name poetry? What is poetry? Thoughts and dreams and feeble shadows in a hazy night? What are thoughts? Dreams? Shadows? Night? Poetry? Prose? Is it all just gold-flaked dust? But it must be more than that. It must be. Because what else is there? What else distinguishes us from animals, except poems and dreams and the crawling night-fear tingle in your spine? Perhaps it is all just a fanciful dream, and perhaps Earth is a dusty dewdrop on a flower petal in a quiet field in the dim scarlet light of morning. Perhaps every blade of grass carries millions of worlds. Perhaps picking a flower of stepping on solid earth destroys universes. Perhaps we are killers, you and I. Are we? I wouldn't know. I'm just a poet, you kno…

AZ Book Tag//Can You Tell I'm a Potterhead?

Hello, hello! Today I'm doing the AZ Book Tag, which I stole borrowed politely from Meredith @ On Stories and Words, who also loves the Penderwicks! YAY!

Author You've Read The Most From
Hmm.... L.M. Montgomery, since I've read... I think at least 13 of her books. Or probably Lemony Snicket/Pseudonymous Bosch, because between the two pen names I've read 16.

UPDATE: I realized that I've actually read at least 18 L.M. Montgomerys, so it's her. :)

Best Sequel Ever
Let me think about this. Probably I'd say Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Oh! Or The Dream Thieves. Or Anne of Avonlea. Or...

Currently Reading
I'm re-reading Pride and Prejudice and I'm reading Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Mass.

Drink of Choice While Reading
I don't usually drink while I read, though sometimes I eat. But hot chocolate is always amazing, so I'll go with that.

E-reader or Physical Book?
I like holding a book in my hands, though I do admire the accessibility and conveni…